Organization 5.0 - A multi-discplinary and longitudinal research project in organization development

Hi, I'm John Oliver, co-founder of consultancy and welcome to my research website, with the mission to:

Facilitate creative conversations across the 
"Arts", "Morals" and "Science" 
of organisational development

- Harnessing Competing Perspectives.

This website summarises my research organizational design and adult developmental case studies since 2001, and hosts my blog and Podcast interviews.

One key theme in my research work, is looking at "the other side" of self-management - i.e. understanding the longitudinal case study results, and separating "values" or "aesthetics" claims, from evidence-based claims.

 Review of Frederic Laloux's "Reinventing Organizations" - Making Sense Of The Longitudinal Evidence and Counter-Evidence

The most exciting and robust evidence-based arena (and which have become a focus for my own specialisation) I believe is in:

Metrics in Complexity: For Adult and Organizational Development

From my research, I believe there are metrics that help us on the following two claims:
  1. There is directionality in the evolution of our economic collaboration and organizational systems, that go beyond concepts such as democracy or the "network organization". 
    • The challenge of organizing collaboration has directionality itself in addressing increasing complexity for example in the number of connections, the depth of data and contrasting time scales. 
  2. Adult development (incl complexity thinking) are key drivers to that evolution - we can take insights from how both individual adult development and collective learning unfold, and apply them to the design of our organizational or collaboration systems. 
This website aims to bring to bear evidence and metrics that support these two claims.
Database of Principles

  • Based on structured comparison across 30 organisational principles
  • With meta-theoretical and outcomes research methodology
Collective Development

  • Metrics for assessing organizational stretch 
    • The journey to Organization 5.0 and harnessing competing values
    • Designing and making explicit your organization's "Collaboration Principles"

    • Metrics for reaching towards our unique adult developmental horizon.
      • Lectica formative testing tools
    • Process and tools for building our capacities to seek perspectives