Videos On Transitions of Thinking Styles

Piagetian Stages of Child Development

Classic illustrations of how at certain ages children handle challenges such as "conservation" concepts, that shift around the 4 year old point.

Tests for children, showing early phases of handling perspectives:

Systems Thinking - What is the Real Problem We Are Facing?

Extract from the film "Moneyball"

Principles Thinking - Who Owns The Company

Extract from the 1950s film, Patterns:
Very revealing example of how a CEO (Walter Ramsey), portrayed as a ruthless player, handles the possible departure of a rising management start (Fred Staples), and deals with Staples' protest based on their conflicting values. Ramsey employs a crucial framing argument that "no one owns this company, only those that are good enough to make it grow". This is a revealing example as to how these two antagonists work from the principles that Ramsey proposes.

Background to the plot:
Fred Staples, originally based in a provincial factory, is an upcoming management star who has been personally selected by the CEO Walter Ramsey, to join the conglomerate HQ in NY.

Ramsey has had infact a hidden plot - have Staples replace the aging No.2 VP of the conglomerate (Bill Briggs), not by official policy, but by gradually demoralising Briggs so that he eventually resigns. However Briggs digs in, refuses to resign and increasingly clashes with Ramsey. Briggs suffers a heart attack after a particularly confrontational board meeting - Staples, who sympathised with Briggs is disgusted with Ramsey's plot to wear Briggs down, that has now led to his death. 

Staples returns from the hospital where Briggs has just passed away, to confront Ramsey: