About the Author


John Oliver

Organizational Design Consultant

Founding Member of Human-Equity

Tel. +33 6 33 02 94 08


John has built over the past 10 years a multidisciplinary approach to organisational development, unifying both the "diagnostic" approaches to organisation and personal development (scientific perspectives), with the "dialogical" approaches of values and cultures (humanities perspectives). 

John has a special focus on the longitudinal analysis of case study companies across the World applying innovative oranisational strucutres (research available at www.organization5point0.com), building what is intended to be the World's most comprehensive resource database on organisational practices. 
  • John co-founded the business psychology consulting brand www.human-equity.com in 2008, in London and Paris. 
  • Human-Equity's clients include Private Equity investors, SMEs, Start-Ups and industrials (client list).
  • Since 2011, John teaches ‘Organizational Design’ at the IGS University, Toulouse (France’s largest private university group).

Principle Organisation Development Methodologies:

  • Sprial Dynamics 

  • Career Experience

    John graduated with an engineering degree from Brunel University in London, as a sponsored management trainee at the Dowty / Safran aerospace group, to then move into technology transfer projects in developing countries (working on projects in Ghana and Nepal) for 4 years. 

    John worked subsequently as a sales engineer in France and the United States (Krohne Group, industrial instrumentation, turnover €450m) for 4 years, and at an Internet Start-Up in France (UDcast with €12m venture capital) for 4 years.

    Completing his MBA in 2000 at EDHEC Nice, France, sparked an initiative to update and interview the most innovative companies in culture and structure as covered in the MBA case studies (e.g. Semco (Brazil) , Oticon (Denmark) St Lukes (UK) and cooperatives in the US), with results published in an article for the American journal “Integral Leadership Review" entitled "The Journies of 2nd Tier Leaders Over Time".

    With a fundamental vision to build deeper connections between investors, entrepreneurs and portfolio companies, John co-founded Human-Equity (www.human-equity.com) in 2008 with a group of associates, each with a unique talent on the human factors in both individual entrepreneurship development and of organisational development.

    Approach and Philosophy

    "Inspired by research in developmental psychology, my deep purpose is to apply its insights to the ‘collective’ dimension, and contribute to what research is revealing to be a directionality in how human economic collaboration is evolving

    The emphasis on human collaboration has significance for me in contributing to what social systems are best adapted to tackling generational issues such as economic stability and environmental sustainability.

    Aware of the traps of diagnostic (or constructivist) approaches such as developmental stages theory, the philosopher Ken Wilber has been a  primary influence in how dialectical perspectives can be  integrated. Applied to organizational design, I strive therefore to balance the diagnostic (external) and dialogical (internal) perspectives in all my services and research."