Amazing Lives

My collection of profiles of inspiring people - from all walk of life, political, social, business, science.
  • Win Tin - Myanmar's Conscience: Economist 03/05/2014
    • A deeply moving obituary of a resistance figure in Myanmar, with total self-sacrifice
  • Paul Fussell - warrior against war, died on May 23rd, aged 88: Economist 09/06/2012
    • Social commentator willing to state his mind and best known for his writings about World War I and II, which explore what he felt was the gap between the romantic myth and reality of war; he made a "career out of refusing to disguise it or elevate it".
  • Peter Munk - Munk’s tale: How a former refugee from the Nazis made and lost several fortunes: Economist 19/04/2014
    • A classic rags to riches (with plenty of drama in between) of the founder of Barrick Gold
  • Marin Alsop - Interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs
    • Listen to how Marin dealt with the trials of anti-feminist feelings of her being nominate as Music Director of the Baltimore Symphony
  • Camila Batmanghelidjh interviewed by Jeremy Vine BBC radio 2 on 4-11-14
    • From turbulent family circumstances in Iran, fall from priveleged conditions, to exile in the UK to maverick childrens charity founder. Example of deep humility.
  • Winston Churchill (on BBC Radio 4 Great Lives)
    • Ok, yes a classic reference, but was his position of call to arms one of a display of a mask that his role imposed on him? Just before his famous radio speech anouncing war (start from 14m33s) he admitted how futile the situation was, yet he had to project a fighting attitude in his address to the people. A scheister, a deceiver? As Matthew Parris asks the question?
  • Walt Disney (on BBC Radio 4 Great Lives)
    • Inauspicious starts, and later trauma with the walk out by the unions - he felt a sense of betrayal, that led him to testify against his own employees in a communist hunt during the Nixon era?
  • Tim Dechristopher

My recommended sources to personal interviews with fascinating people:
  • BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs
    • Incredible interview skills by the host Kirsty Young is music to my ears, as well as the guests' music selections!
  • Soul Biographies - Nick Askew
    • A fabulous example of how skillful filming can capture the essence of who people really are
  • BBC Radio 4 - Great Lives, hosted by Matthew Parris
    • Biographical series in which guests choose someone who has inspired their lives.
  • BBC World Service "The Interview"
    • No longer running, but archives are on line
    • From Peter Thiel to Edward de Bono to Ravi Shankar, an eclectic mix of political, business, religious and humanitarian leaders