Conversation 5.0

Integrative and Generative Conversations 
- a dialogical proposal for unifying knowledge around collective economic systems

Striving towards principled, multi-systems thinking, in the traditions of:
      • Jurgen Harbermas (Communicative Action)
      • Michael Commons (Model of Hierarchical Complexity)
      • Jean Piaget (Developmental Psychology)
      • Theodore Zeldin (The Oxford Muse Conversations Project)
      • William Isaacs (Dialogue - The Art Of Thinking Together)
(And my personal ambition is to emulate the interview skills of BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs programme!)

The concept of Conversation 5.0 is to design a very specific format of how to bring together contrasting perspectives (i.e. creating the "container", as opposed to conversation facilitation), and how to generate new thinking.

Doing for conversations, what TED has done for presentations

Examples of the disciplines, between which the vision is to host generative conversations: