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Designing the conversation container

The proposal is to build a library of conversations, for publication (audio/video) on this website.

The key features are (draft):
  • The time frame: 
  • Subject focus:
    • All the conversations / debates will relate to any of the themes of organisational development / design, self-management, adult developmental psychology, systems and complexity theory and economics.
  • Each participant has to bring together at minimum the three perspectives of:
    • Arts (Subjective - 1st person)
    • Morals (Inter-Subjective - 2nd person)
    • Science (Objective - 3rd person)
    • ...ideally a fourth would be added which is the Inter-Objective "Justice" perspective
  • Mutually challenging questioning:
    • Participants are invited to contribute to the "critical thinking" skills held within the conversation, in both giving and taking criticism.
    • The objective is to help each person take / clarify and seek new perspectives.

The conversations are intended to be in the tradition of Habermas' Communicative Action, covering the following quadrants:

From Joe Corbett - Integral World Article. Integral Critical Theory

Further aspects in the design of the container

  • Clarity of what the "intention" is of the conversation, for the participants
  • Reassurance on the "justice" of how the conversation will respect each participant