Economic Perspectives

International Economies, Markets, Capital and Technology

Long-term perspectives: 
  • Fundamental economic do we evolve in a zero, or near-zero growth economy?
    • Can we assume infinite macro-economic growth, upon which capitalism functions (for example zero-growth can trigger deflation)? Probably not, due to the limited natural resources....and in any case this thought exercise can be worth while in exploring the limitations of our current national government economic strategies.
    • Perhaps Thomas Piketty's book Capital in the Twenty-First Century has created such a stir since it implies what might happen in low or zero-growth economies: 
      • The polorisation of wealth distribution - that is, the wealthy continue to accumulate wealth at the expense of the poor, since there are no "growth economy" benefits lifting the lower strata of society.
      • Have I got this right? Please commnet! 

Pay and Equality


  • CNNMoney calculates that in 2011, the CEOs of Fortune 50 companies took home on average a staggering 379 times the median pay of employees in their company (the multiple would be even higher when compared to the lowest paid employee)