Perspective Building

One of my personal passions, is in the mapping and integration of the huge diversity of perspectives of experts that we come across in our education, working lives, media, books etc.

Ken Wilber, in his "meta" theory work is the major influence and inspiration on this journey of organising knowledge, as applied to my focus area of organisational design.

Below is an illustration of how to organise all the major categories of perspectives on organisational and personal development, based on the Integral Quadrants:

The process of not only just listing all the perspectives together, but also investigating as to how they negotiate between them our world views and our decision making, is for me the priority in my work, in perspective building.

This Website's goal is to focus on the Bottom Right Hand Quadrant (applying a research methodology, proposing principles and practices for adoption), whilst however being conscious of the influences from all the other Quadrants.

See the section on Meta Perspectives on Org Dev for further discussion on perspective building, and meta-perspectives on organisational development.