• "The main idea is that you do not control people, but you control process"
    • João Vendramim Neto (rotating CEO, Semco, Brazil, during interview with John Oliver)
  • "I think that in the future "belief" will become more important than "knowledge"" 
    • Anders Knutsen (ex-CEO of Bang & Olufsen, quoted in Flexible Firm, Jakob Krause-Jensen (p.78))
Quotes outside of business :

  • Movie directors - Guardian interview with actor William Macy.

  • Macy explains that he has worked with both good and bad directors, and has learned as much from one as he has from the other. “Bad directors can’t make a decision,” he says. “They want the film set to function as a democracy, but a democracy is the kiss of death. You need a benign dictatorship. You need a leader.”