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Crisp: No CEO: The Swedish company where nobody is in charge

BBC CEO Guru Series

Frederic Laloux at The Royal Society of Arts, London, Jan 2015

Frederic Laloux - Health organisations - McKinsey conference, Stockholm

Ricardo Semler TED Presentation (Oct 2014)

Recent Interview with Ricardo Semler - Semco (2013)

The Morning Star Company - Introduction to their culture

The Morning Star "Colleague Letter of Understanding" Platform

Selection of Consultants / Advisors Material on Organisational and Personal Development

Frederic Laloux - Interview

David Whyte - The Conversational Nature of Reality

Fred Kofman - LinkedIn

A great presentation by Fred Kofman, focusing on the dualities of centralised / decentralised awareness in organisations.

Fred makes the distinction between being in a "victim" or a "player" mindset, that are associated with respectively the environments of a centralised bureaucracy and a decentralised network. 

...but does Fred answer the last question on example companies and specific approaches to solving the dialectic of decentralised responsibility and centralised coordination?!

Interview with Ricardo Semler (2004)

Adult Developmental Psychology

Bob Anderson - CEO of The Leadership Circle

Interesting comparative testing between The Leadership Circle's assessment tool and Susanne Cook-Greuter's assessment.

My Favorite Film Extracts

Patterns (1956) - the final scene

Moneyball - "What's the problem" scene