Web Links

Websites Focused on Self-Management / Autonomous / Networked Organizations

French websites and organisational consultants

  • Favi
    • Management material resources
  • http://www.philosophie-management.com/
  • http://www.cpe-reseau.org/
  • http://management-post-moderne.fr
  • Universite Ouverte Des Competences: http://www.uodc.fr/
    • L’Université ouverte est un espace de ressources, de débats et de professionnalisation sur les questions du travail, du management, des compétences et de la formation
  • French OD Consultants:
    • http://christine-koehler.fr/
    • https://laurentmarbacher.wordpress.com/

Further Organisational and Personal Development Websites

  • http://www.enliveningedge.org/
  • THEE, the Taxonomy of Human Elements in Endeavour, models the mind and reveals psychosocial reality.
    • Warren Kinston - ex-BIOSS researcher, specialist in health sector (incl. NHS) org dev.
    • Paper from the late 1980s on Jaques' levels of work in the NHS: Journal of Applied Systems Analysis Volume 16, 1989, LEVELS OF WORK: NEW APPLICATIONS TO MANAGEMENT IN LARGE ORGANISATIONS Warren Kinston and Ralph Rowbottom
  • The Oxford Muse - deep conversations
  • Glassdoor (Company reviews by employees)


  • http://futureconsiderations.com/


  • http://www.powysplays.com/

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