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Anthropology / sociology insights - why we cross the line

posted Feb 27, 2017, 8:06 AM by John Oliver
An easyJet walkway control panel

This is a classic organisational or systems example of where there is a designer of a system (e.g. the label writer) having very different outcomes from those this simple disobedience or ignorance on the part of the operator?

Or has the "system" not been designed to connect the operator with the outcomes of his/her actions?

I have found that anthropology and sociology has a lot to offer here in terms of insights of behaviours and responses, where seemingly illogical behaviours by operators can be seen far more subtle light.

For example, the person writing the label totally ignored to create a proper shelf for the operator's jumper and daily newspaper...whilst in a rush with daily operations, where else does the label writer expect the operator to put his items (which, if there had been i) a sociological observer ii) or an operator involved in the design, it would of been an obvious need for a proper shelf!)?