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What is the alternative to bureaucracy? Enter computer-assisted community systems management...

posted Mar 7, 2017, 1:44 AM by John Oliver
A question you might say that we have been circling around ever since the Industrial Revolution, but the answer is in my view an area of scientific analysis and management of resources towards a field that is something along the lines of "Computer Assisted Community Systems Management". 

This field combines insights from:
  • Complex Adaptive Systems models (applied to organisations by Snowden et al.)
  • Viable Systems Model (Stafford Beers, Patrick Hoverstadt etc.)
  • Requisite Design (Eliot Jaques)
  • Organizational/Social Network Analysis
...but suffer from just being overwhelmingly complex for current managers to apprehend and integrate.

But computers will be doing that for them, and there are examples with Morning Star's attempts at modelling relationships between employees with their CLOUs (Colleague Letter of Understanding) descriptions (and Nicolay Worren has also done some exercises of comparing formal and social networks at PA Consulting).

As Elon Musk recently said, jobs will be divided into two categories, either telling a computer what to do or being told by the computer what to do.