Top 10 Org 5.0 Tools

Internal Strategy (Operations):

  1. Governance, Boards:
    • Policy Governance (John Carver, Caroline Oliver)
  2. Internal Role, Responsibilities and Feedback Management:
    • Holacracy
    • Sociocracy
    • CLOU platform (Morning Star)
  3. Internal Resource Allocation
    • Internal Market Places 
  4. Intranet Tools
  5. Extranet Tools:
    • SAP's NetWeaver (From McKinsey article: The past and future of global organizations Sept 2014): "Consider, for example, how the software company SAP drew together participants from a wide range of otherwise unrelated companies, in 2003, to help speed the adoption of its new NetWeaver technology architecture. The processes in this network structure supported peer-to-peer collaboration and learning among customers, systems integrators, and independent service vendors, while helping SAP to achieve its own strategic objectives. These newfangled process-oriented solutions to the structure and people part of the perennial organizational challenges contrast—and yet coexist—nicely with the more traditionally standardized routines, which remain suitable for wringing scale-based cost efficiencies from less varying (and often industrial) processes. The trick is to recognize which process-based structure is best for which objective and then to proceed accordingly. 

External Strategy (Market)

  1. Beyond scarcity / war mental models of competitive advantage